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Marine Refrigeration Parts

With significant experience in supplying vital marine refrigeration parts across the world, MD Technical is now established as a favoured choice by many of our customers.

Our effort is focused on supplying marine refrigeration spares with professionalism, reliability and competitiveness.

We understand that the International shipping industry expects the highest quality of service and our aim is to fulfil increasingly sophisticated customer requirements with the quality and service they demand.

At MD Technical, we understand that speed of response is critical in keeping ships productively employed and operating at maximum efficiency and our commitment to quality through ISO 9001:2008 ensures that written quotes with estimated delivery times are provided within 24hours wherever possible

To date, all of our supplied parts are performing well in fleets functioning in every corner of the world and we promise to deliver our best to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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I recently used MD Technical for a repair which a number of firms had not even offered to attempt, the equipment was quite old which added even more problems. I am glad to say MD Technical were able to complete the repair and kept in touch with me through the whole period.I am very happy with their service and will use them in the future.

Phil, E/I Maintenance Planner