MD Technical can offer a complete range of Mycom products and spare parts.
We can supply all parts and products ranging from micro switches, oil seals, potentiometers, shaft seal assembly to a overhaul kit or a complete screw packaged unit.

W,L,K,M Series Recip compressors. - Reciprocating Compressors
V,C Series screw compressors.

Screw Chiller Packaged Unit Screw Chiller Packaged Unit
MD Technical Mycom

As a large Chemical plant there is a large usage of Battery systems from UPS (uninterruptible power supply),500 DC Power Supplies, Communication systems, fire alarm systems,etc.  At the end of batteries useful life it is necessary to conform with the latest legislation concerning the disposal of these items and as a licensed broker MD Technical gives us a traceable route for safe disposal and if audited all the necessary paperwork to satisfy all internal, environmental and government bodies